LCG Computer Graphics Lab

Welcome to LCG, the Computer Graphics Lab of the Systems Engineering and Computer Science Program (PESC) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

LCG was founded in 1987 by professor Marinho, and was soon after joined by prof. Antonio Oliveira. The lab promotes research in many broad areas in Computer Graphics, Image Processing, and Computer Vision.



LCG ex-member Gustavo Pfeiffer receives Award for the Best Students Graduated in 2014 from UFRJ's Engineering School (Escola Politécnia).
The award is given to the student that graduated with best overall grades for each engineering speciality, in this case, the Computer and Information Engineering undergraduate course.


Rafael Romeiro's Masters dissertation is featured in Ciência Hoje online magazine. It was previously featured in Boletim Faperj in June-2015.

Upcoming events

illustrious prof. John Hopcroft (Turing Award) from Cornell University will visit our department and give talk: "Entering the Information Age". More info here

03/05/2016 15:00 - Auditorium CT2

Pedro Asad Master dissertation defense: "Estimating Hand Poses from RGB-D data"

05/05/2016 13:00 - LCG