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Ricardo Marroquim




  • marroquim at cos.ufrj.br
  • LCG  (+55) 21-3938-8572
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Access my publications here.

Research interests

  • 3D scanning and digitalization
  • graphics applied to Cultural Heritage
  • point based graphics
  • GPU programming
  • games
  • interactive visualization
  • volume rendering

Graduate Students





  • Medal icon Advisor - Third Place Workshop of Undergradute Works - Sibgrapi 2013 - student Vitor de Andrade - "A Shader Library for OpenGL 4 and GLSL 4.3 Learning and Development"
  • Medal icon Advisor - Third Place Workshop of Undergradute Works - Sibgrapi 2012 - student Gustavo Pfeiffer - "BRDF Fitting Using Inverse Global Illumination and Stochastic Optimization"
  • Medal icon Second Place Workshop of Theses and Dissertations - Sibgrapi 2008
  • Medal iconACM Student Research Competition Semi-finalist - Siggraph 2008
  • Medal iconCo-Author of Best Master Dissertation - Workshop of Theses and Dissertations - Sibgrapi 2007 - "Projeção de Células baseada em GPU para Visualização Interativa de Volumes by André Maximo"
  • Medal iconPrêmio Petrobrás de Tecnologia (Petrobras Technology Prize) - First Edition : Second place in Exploration category - Photos
  • Medal iconBest Master Dissertation - Workshop of Theses and Dissertations - Sibgrapi 2005

  • Photography

    When travelling I never leave my good and old Nikon at home ...

    Il faut confronter des idées vagues avec des images claires. -- Jean-Luc Godard
    Knowledge is the life of the mind. -- Abu Bakr
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