TkOGL was a project started in 1996 that aimed at enabling ordinary Tcl/Tk applications to use 3D graphics. The original idea was simply to provide a tcl binding to OpenGL, a multi-platform, high-performance 3D graphics library. I also wrote a simple extension mechanism so that OpenGL code written in C or C++ could easily be used inside a tcl script. Some code using this mechanism was also incorporated into the original TkOGL release, for instance, a generalized cylinder extension - the gear you see in the picture to the right was produced with this extension.

I stopped the development of TkOGL in 1998 but some groups on the net took it over, notably a group at the University of British Columbia. This site is a placeholder for the original TkOGL project.

Links (~150 KB) Original TkOGL updated to work with tcl/tk 8.3.2. It contains all the sources and makefiles plus a binary install for wintel (Windows/Intel) boxes.

TkOGL paper in PDF format (~300 KB). Paper submitted to the Usenix Tcl/Tk ┤97 conference. You may also find a html copy at the conference site.

TkOGL 3.0 site at the University of British Columbia.



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